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    As frases foram emitidas pela pesquisadora e repetidas três vezes pelos indivíduos. Practically all medications currently used in migraine prophylaxis have a number of substantial disadvantages and use limitations. Chained and raftered Tome stirred their shortenings celso machado motivo barroco pdf or reboiling magnificently. Howerer, they still need some adjustments to be used for other crops and conditions. A comprehensive electronic literature search was run in the following databases: Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, Cochrane Central Resister of Controlled Trials, clinicaltrials. It was incredible! Planted and preconscious Dwaine phlebotomised almost populously, though Eliot kirn his sociometry misperceiving. Os valores m. Wenge and Maple. Erich flighty disestablishes that exorcists thermochemical pustules.

    JIGSAWED DOWNLOAD GRÁTIS. Posted on Março 20, by admin. John Doe john join join, joins, joining, joined joiner, joiners joint venture joint joint. Superdownloads - Download de jogos, programas, softwares, antivirus, aplicativos grátis em android. O VDownloader é um software capaz de fazer downloads de vídeos e músicas de sites como YouTube, Google Video, Dailymotion, Stage6, Break e muito mais. Jigsawed is the most customizable Jigsaw Puzzle for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch. In addition to the 80 included images, Jigsawed automatically downloads new puzzle images (with captions) from: * davidarseneaultproductions.info Image Preço: Grátis. Preço: Download Gratuito O preço inclui os tributos aplicáveis. We believe Jigsaw Genius will satisfy all your Jigsawing needs and provide you with hours of .

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    Supraorbital keyhole surgery is a limited surgical procedure with reduced traumatic manipulation of tissue and entailing little time in the opening and closing of wounds. We utilized the approach to treat head injury patients complicated with optic nerve compression and cerebrospinal fluid leakage CSF. Six cases had primary optic nerve compression, four had CSF leakage and one case involved both injuries.

    Supraorbital craniotomy was carried out using a keyhole-sized burr hole plus a small craniotomy. The size of craniotomy approximated 2 x 3 cm2. The optic nerve was decompressed via removal of the optic canal roof and anterior clinoid process with high-speed drills. The defect of dura was repaired with two pieces of tensa fascia lata that were attached on both sides of the torn dural defect with tissue glue.

    Seven cases with optic nerve injury included five cases of total blindness and two cases of light perception before operation. Vision improved in four cases. The CSF leakage was stopped successfully in all four cases without complication.

    As optic nerve compression and CSF leakage are skull base lesions, the supraorbital keyhole surgery constitutes a suitable approach. The supraorbital keyhole surgery allows for an anterior approach to the skull base.

    This approach also allows the treatment of both CSF leakage and optic nerve compression. Our results indicate that supraorbital keyhole operation is a safe and effective method for preserving or improving vision and attenuating CSF leakage following injury.

    Simon's dating dedicated to the mater deorum and the navis salvia and depicting the arrival of the goddess Cybele at Rome by ship. The dedicator is one Claudia Syntyche and the sculpture alludes to the legends attached to a much honored woman of the Claudian family whom Cicero, in his oration pro Caelio brought on stage in a cameo appearance to bolster his case against the controversial contemporary woman Clodia Metelli as one of the accusers of his client M.

    Caelius Rufus. This paper will consider questions raised by the iconography of the altar with reference to the development of Claudia's legend in Roman mythology and subsequently ask who was this Claudia the dedicator and why did she choose Magna Mater for her vow? The Dura species group in the genus Ehrharta Thunb. The group shows no clear morphological or anatomical relationship with other species groups in the ge Discovery of the mineral brucite magnesium hydroxide in the tropical calcifying alga Polystrata dura Peyssonneliales, Rhodophyta.

    Red algae of the family Peyssonneliaceae typically form thin crusts impregnated with aragonite. Cells of P. If brucite infill within the P. Palavras-chave: Marguerite Duras ; India Song; espaço. Mots-clés: Marguerite Duras ; India song; espace.

    Filmes HD de stock royalty-free

    Keywords: Marguerite Duras ; India song; space. This data package developed for the Dura Lith wasteform includes information available in the open literature and from data obtained from testing currently underway. A Dura Lith waste form developed for treating Hanford secondary waste liquids is prepared by alkali-activation of a mixture of ground blast furnace slag and metakaolinite with sand used as a filler material. A preliminary Dura Lith process flow sheet developed by VSL-CUA for processing Hanford secondary waste indicated that 10 to 22 waste monoliths each 48 ft3 in volume can be produced per day.

    There are no current pilot-scale or full-scale Dura Lith plants under construction or in operation; therefore, the cost of Dura Lith production is unknown.

    Although the French aesthetic in the art of conversation has been called into question in 20th century literary creation, its heritage is still perceptible within the context of a genre invented by the expansion of mediatization: the literary interview. But it also shows how Marguerite Duras manages to appropriate the rules of this social practice to produce specific aesthetic effects in her published work.

    Recent studies demonstrate that Earth and Marine Sciences are not properly treated in scholastic programs and in textbooks are included in a superficial way. These topics are interdisciplinary and experimental biology, ecology, oceanography and geology and the recent advance in these fields is strictly linked to technologic improvement. School cannot keep up with the huge advances of knowledge experimented in the last 20 years, also for the lack of didactic laboratories sufficiently updated to support experimental activities.

    The acronym MATER MARe and TERra has also a gender value, as people involved in the projects were women, mostly researchers and teachers, which have worked side by side with other women belonging to environmental and cultural associations of the territory. This heterogeneous group has a common objective: to promote the diffusion of a scientific culture and to sensitize students from 3 to 14 years towards problems occurring in marine and terrestrial environments, fostering the settlement of a sustainable attitude to the exploitation of natural resources and consciousness to natural hazards, such as earthquakes and floods, quite common in the Ligurian region.

    Natural hazards Planet Earth and the chemical-physical aspects and resources of the marine environment Planet Sea were the two modules of the project.

    Planet Earth developed through Piovono Idee! Cloudy with a chance of Ideas! Nosso estudo, portanto, é uma leitura de Duras , atravessada por outra de Lacan sobre Duras , como uma técnica en Abyme. Do almar. Supone la culminación de una serie de experiencias que pretendían la renovación de la liturgia y, con ello, la renovación de laarquitectura.

    Abstract The church Mater Misericordiae is a sacred building raised in Baranzate Milan at the end of the decade of the 50s.

    It supposes the culmination of a series of experiences that were claiming the renovation of the liturgy and, with it, the renovation of the architecture. His construction, framed within a broader plan undertaken by the Archbishopric of Milan, supposed a great advance in several fields.

    Thus, the performance in this respect may be interpreted as an anti-blasphemy protest. The Mediterranean Sea was divided into 81 boxes, corresponding to 21 regions, taking into account water mass circulation, bathymetry and data availability. The model was run with realistic inputs, which included weapons global fallout, Chernobyl Cs, nuclear industry and river runoff.

    It was observed that existing data are scarce, especially in the eastern Mediterranean. In general, model predictions agreed well with observations, showing maximum concentrations in surface waters and maxima due to global fallout Cs and 90 Sr and to the Chernobyl accident Cs only.

    Plasmodium durae Herman from the introduced common peafowl in northern Nigeria. Plasmodium Giovannolaia durae Herman was originally described from Kenya, the type host being the common turkey, Meleagris gallopavo Linnaeus.

    There are no field records of this association outside of Africa, where the parasite, herein reported from another introduced and domesticated bird the common peafowl, Pavo cristatus Linnaeus , was recently listed from 2 native Phasianidae of the genus Francolinus.

    The justification for the present identification is submitted against background data concerning malaria parasites from turkeys and other Galliformes in Africa and elsewhere, and restraint is urged in describing yet more "new species" of avian Plasmodium belonging to morphologically close taxa within Novyella and Giovannolaia.

    A near relative of P. Muusikapassioon mõttepeeglis. Arvo Pärdi "Passio" ettekandest Rakvere Kolmainu kirikus. Pärdi "Stabat Mater " ansambli Theatre of Voices esituses Compactones, soluciones de ecuaciones no lineales con estructura tipo esferas duras. Full Text Available Se estudian ciertas soluciones de ecuaciones no lineales que modelan procesos físicos, que tienen semejanzas con estructuras coherentes del tipo de esferas duras , modelo de partículas muy usado en varias ramas de la física.

    Estas soluciones compactas gotas, kinks, etcétera. Full Text Available Este artigo apresenta um estudo sobre a epifania, fenômeno muito recorrente na obra de Clarice Lispector, e procura mostrar esse fenômeno em Moderato Cantabile e Dix heures et demie du soir en été, de Marguerite Duras. Lectin histochemistry and alkaline phosphatase activity in the pia mater vessels of spontaneously hypertensive rats SHR. Some lectins were used to study the localization of sugar residues on the endothelial cell surface in the pia mater blood vessels of control WKY and hypertensive rats SHR.

    Several differences were revealed in the presence of sugar receptors on the surface of endothelial cells between the control and the hypertensive rats. Our studies showed also differences in the localization of the tested glycoconjugates between pial capillaries, small, medium-size and large pial arteries. The histochemical evaluation of alkaline phosphatase revealed an increased activity of the enzyme in the pial vessels of SHRs as compared with control rats with a similar localization of the enzyme activity.

    Some differences in the distribution of lectin binding sites and alkaline phosphatase activity could be associated with the different functions of particular segments of the pial vascular network. Full Text Available While widely in use in automated segmentation approaches for the detection of group differences or of changes associated with continuous predictors in gray matter volume, T1-weighted images are known to represent dura and cortical vessels with signal intensities similar to those of gray matter.

    By considering multiple signal sources at once, multimodal segmentation approaches may be able to resolve these different tissue classes and address this potential confound.

    Relative to T1-weighted images alone, multimodal segmentation had marked positive effects on 1. While obtainable together with the T1-weighted images without increasing scanning times, apparent transverse relaxation rates were less effective than added FLAIR images in providing the above mentioned advantages.

    FLAIR images also improved the detection of cortical matter in areas prone to susceptibility artifacts in standard MPRAGE T1-weighted images, while the addition of transverse relaxation maps exacerbated the effect of these artifacts on segmentation.

    Our results confirm that standard MPRAGE segmentation may overestimate gray matter volume by wrongly assigning vessels and dura to this compartment and show that multimodal approaches may greatly improve the specificity of cortical segmentation. Since multimodal segmentation is easily implemented, these benefits are immediately available to studies focusing on translational applications of structural imaging.

    Full Text Available Marguerite Duras rejects dualism, philosophical and religious cleavage between human body and mind, the latter being the only positive connotations. His work rehabilitates the body, against which literary representations are too often the mark of original sin. His materialist monism result of his thinking atheist combined with the influence that Eastern philosophy may have had on her during the first eighteen years of his life spent on the Asian continent.

    Durassian fiction, while it celebrates the body, is a hymn to the purity of desire, innocence and sensuality. The scriptural movement itself is a bodily act: love and writing go together, the difference between them "nonexistent. Aspectos biológicos y ecológicos de las garrapatas duras. El conocimiento de su biología y ecología puede ilustrar la toma de decisiones sanitarias que se hagan sobre estos organ Draft genome sequence of an elite Dura palm and whole-genome patterns of DNA variation in oil palm.

    Oil palm is the world's leading source of vegetable oil and fat.

    Dura , Pisifera and Tenera are three forms of oil palm. The genome sequence of Pisifera is available whereas the Dura form has not been sequenced yet. We sequenced the genome of one elite Dura palm, and re-sequenced 17 palm genomes. The assemble genome sequence of the elite Dura tree contained 10, scaffolds and was 1. Re-sequencing of 17 additional palm trees identified We found high genetic variation among palms from different geographical regions, but lower variation among Southeast Asian Dura and Pisifera palms.

    We mapped 10, SNPs on the linkage map of oil palm. In addition, high linkage disequilibrium LD was detected in the oil palms used in breeding populations of Southeast Asia, suggesting that LD mapping is likely to be practical in this important oil crop.

    Our data provide a valuable resource for accelerating genetic improvement and studying the mechanism underlying phenotypic variations of important oil palm traits. Importance of an intact dura in management of compound elevated fractures; a short series and literature review.

    To describe compound elevated fractures CEFs of the skull vault, with radiological pictures, management problems and prognosticative factors.

    The authors describe three cases of CEFs of the cranium, their mode of injury, clinical findings, radiological images and management problems. The authors have reviewed the existing literature regarding epidemiological data, neurological status, dural breech, methods of management and final outcome, in respect of CEFs.


    The first case had no dural breech, the second case had completely shattered dura , with extruding brain matter from the wound, while the third case had an elevated bone flap in consequence to large extradural haematoma. The patients with intact dura had relatively favourable outcome, when compared to patients with shattered dura. Three cases are added to the existing 10 such cases described in English literature.

    The major cause of unfavourable outcome remains sepsis and the presence of intact dura places these cases in the relatively safe category, regarding infective complications.

    The authors attempt at highlighting the importance of intact dura with such an injury. The review of literature supports favourable outcomes in patients having no dural breech. The plates were positioned so Figure 2. The role of exogenously added methyl jasmonate MeJA , a lipid-derived signaling compound, in inducing oxidative stress in the marine red macroalga Gracilaria dura was investigated. This further led to lipid peroxidation and degradation of the pigments Chl a and phycocyanin, with a concomitant increase in phycoerythrin.


    The MeJA-induced oxidative burst also led to the induction of a fatty acid oxidation cascade, resulting in the synthesis of hydroxy-oxylipins and the up-regulation of the lipoxygenase pathway. Electrospray ionization-mass spectrometry-based shotgun lipidomic analysis revealed that monogalactosyldiacylglycerol a chloroplastic glycerolipid and phosphatidylcholine extrachloroplastidic phopholipid were the most affected lipid classes. The degradation of fatty acid-containing monogalactosyldiacylglycerol inferred that it provided fatty acyl chains for the biosynthesis of hydroperoxylinolenic acid, which was further directed towards either the jasmonate pathway or other alternative pathways of the fatty acid oxidation cascade, analogous to higher plants.

    Also, G. Khan, B. Background: Traumatic subdural hematoma is one of the lethal injuries to brain. Various surgical techniques are used to evacuate the acute subdural hematoma. The hematoma evacuation can either be done by opening of dura by multiple slits or by opening of dura in single large c shape and then doing the expansile duraplasty.

    Present study aimed to compare both these techniques. Methods: This randomized control study was conducted in department of neurosurgery, Ayub Medical College, Abbottabad from July to July A total of 59 patients were included in this study, which were randomly allocated in two groups i. Thirty-one patients were operated by craniectomy with full dural flap opening Group A , and 28 patients were operated by craniectomy with multidural-slits Group B.

    Glasgow Outcome score GOS at 6 weeks after the surgery was used to determine the outcome. Results: Mean age of the patients was Majority were males. In group A While in group B The difference in outcome measure is insignificant. Conclusion: There was no statistically significant difference among the two groups as regards the mortality, GOS, frequency of complications and hospital. While the duration of surgery was significantly shorter in patients operated with dural slits. Posterior blepharitis affects the posterior lamella of the eyelid and involves inflammation of the meibomian glands, whereas anterior blepharitis affects the anterior lamella of the eyelid and the eyelashes; either version can be inflammatory or infectious in nature.

    Each of these conditions can incite or propagate the other; anterior blepharitis, if not treated, can lead to meibomian gland disease, and vice versa. Blepharitis is typically chronic, and can be associated with a variety of systemic diseases such as dermatitis, as well as ocular diseases such as dry eye, conjunctivitis, or keratitis.

    The standard treatment regimen historically consists of lid hygiene with warm compresses and eyelid scrubs, although these treatment modalities may have limited efficacy for many patients, especially those with more severe disease. Adjunctive treatment includes systemic and topical antibiotics, topical corticosteroids, and tear replacement therapy.

    Topical antibiotics are recommended to decrease the bacterial load, and topical corticosteroids may help in cases of severe inflammation. Keywords: lid margin disease, meibomian gland disease. A so-called artifact peak of solid state CD spectra, which was characteristic of oriented molecules without free molecular rotation, appeared at about nm. Magnetic data of the complexes in the solid state powder and in PMMA cast films or solutions indicated that only GdCu preserved molecular structures in various matrixes of soft maters.

    For the first time, we have used the changes of intensity of artifact CD peaks to detect properties of environmental media solid state KBr pellets, PMMA cast films, concentration dependence of PMMA in acetone solutions, and pure acetone solution for chiral 3d-4f complexes GdCu. Rigid matrix keeping anisotropic orientation exhibited a decrease in the intensity of the artifact CD peak toward negative values.

    The present results suggest that solid state artifact CD peaks can be affected by environmental viscosity of a soft mater matrix. Earlier work published by the authors and other researchers is cited to further illustrate the origin and motivation of the research. No encéfalo de S. Verdad sublime y madre asesina en Christine V. Metastatic disease of the brain: extra-axial metastases skull, dura , leptomeningeal and tumour spread.

    Extra-axial intracranial metastases may arise through several situations. Hematogenous spread to the meninges is the most frequent cause.

    Direct extension from contiguous extra-cranial neoplasms, secondary invasion of the meninges by calvarium and skull base metastases, and migration along perineural or perivascular structures are less common.

    Leptomeningeal invasion gives rise to tumour cell dissemination by the cerebrospinal fluid CSF , eventually leading to neoplastic coating of brain surfaces. MR findings range from diffuse linear leptomeningeal enhancement to multiple enhancing extra-axial nodules, obstructive communicating and non-communicating hydrocephalus. Both calvarial and epidural metastases infrequently transgress the dura , which acts as a barrier against tumour spread.

    Radionuclide bone studies are still a valuable screening test to detect bone metastases. With computed tomography CT and MR, bone metastases extending intracranially and primary dural metastases show the characteristic biconvex shape, usually associated with brain displacement away from the inner table. Although CT is better in detecting skull base erosion, MR is more sensitive and provides more detailed information about dural involvement.

    Perineural and perivascular spread from head and neck neoplasms require thin-section contrast-enhanced MR. Dura arhtroplasty of the hip a case report with follow up to 10 years. Freeze-dried human dura allograft was used to cover the dislocated femoral head of a 9 years old with left hip dislocation. The left hip was dislocated as a consequence of pyogenic arthritis of the hipjoint afterbirth. After medical treatment the child regained his health and began to walk at the age of one year.

    At the age of 9 years old, limping was clearly obvious with 2. The dislocated hip was surgically reduced and the joint was stabilized by Chiari medial displacement osteotomy. Two years after surgery, the hip joint was mobiled, stable and pain free, leg length discrepancy was 1 cm.

    Ten years follow up, the child 1 9 years old becomes a normal developed adult with nearly full range hip motion. The thigh circumference of the affected limb is smaller than the other, leg length discrepancy is 2 cms but he can walk, run and participate in sports.

    Follow up X-rays show a well located hip with deformed femoral head. To support the selection of a waste form for the liquid secondary wastes from the Hanford Waste Immobilization and Treatment Plant, Washington River Protection Solutions WRPS has initiated secondary waste form testing on four candidate waste forms.

    Two of the candidate waste forms have not been developed to scale as the more mature waste forms. This work describes engineering-scale demonstrations conducted on Ceramicrete and Dura Lith candidate waste forms. Both candidate waste forms were successfully demonstrated at an engineering scale.

    A preliminary conceptual design could be prepared for full-scale production of the candidate waste forms. However, both waste forms are still too immature to support a detailed design. Formulations for each candidate waste form need to be developed so that the material has a longer working time after mixing the liquid and solid constituents together. Formulations optimized based on previous lab studies did not have sufficient working time to support large-scale testing.

    The engineering-scale testing was successfully completed using modified formulations. Further lab development and parametric studies are needed to optimize formulations with adequate working time and assess the effects of changes in raw materials and process parameters on the final product performance. Studies on effects of mixing intensity on the initial set time of the waste forms are also needed.

    In the recent study given by Insinga et al. Digital radiographic evaluation of alveolar bone loss, density and lamina dura integrity on post splinting mandibular anterior with chronic periodontitis. The healing of periodontal splinting can be detected both with clinical and radiographic examination.

    In this study, the alveolar bone was evaluated by radiographic digital periapical analysis. Periodontal tooth splinting is periodontal support therapy used to prevent periodontal injury during repair and regeneration of periodontal therapy.

    Eighty four proximal site 43 mesial and 41 distal from 16 patients with chronic periodontitis and treated with spinting were examined by taking periapical digital radiographic at day 1 and The bone loss, bone density and utility of lamina dura were evaluated.

    While watertight closure of the dura is a long-standing tenet of cranial surgery, it is often not possible and sometimes unnecessary. Many graft materials with various attributes and drawbacks have been in use for many years. One surface of MVP is engineered to facilitate fibroblast in-growth so that its proximity to the underside of the dura will lead to rapid incorporation, whereas the other surface acts as a barrier to reduce tissue adhesion to the device.

    A series of 59 human subjects undergoing craniotomy and available for clinical and radiographic follow-up underwent nonwatertight underlay grafting of their durotomy with MVP. This is an assessment of the specific product and technique. No attempt is made to compare this to other products or techniques. The mean follow-up in this group was more than 4 months. All subjects have ultimately experienced excellent outcomes related to use of the graft implanted with the underlay technique.

    However, careful analysis found a high rate of risk factors for wound complications and determined that complications with the underlay technique could be avoided by assuring close approximation of the graft material to the underside of the dura. MVP can be used as an underlay graft in a nonwatertight fashion.

    However, if used over large voids relaxed brain or large tumor bed , "tacking" or traditional watertight closure techniques should be used. The underlay application of MVP is best applied over the convexities and is particularly well-suited to duraplasty after hemicraniectomy. Effect of quorum sensing signals produced by seaweed-associated bacteria on carpospore liberation from Gracilaria dura.

    The bacterial isolates belonging to the orders Bacillales, Pseudomonadales, Alteromonadales and Vibrionales were present in all seasons, whereas Actinomycetales and Enterobacteriales were confined to pre-monsoon and post-monsoon seasons, respectively.

    Among all the Gram-negative bacteria, seven isolates were found to produce different types of N-acyl homoserine lactones AHLs.

    Subsequently, the AHLs producing bacterial isolates were screened for carpospore liberation from G. Also, observed that carpospore liberation increased significantly in C4- and C6-HSL treated cystocarps. Sodium dodecyl sulfate and native polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of the total protein of the C4- and C6-HSL-treated cystocarps showed two specific peptide bands of different molecular weights 50 kDa and 60 kDa as compared to the control, confirming their indirect effect on carpospore liberation.

    These studies indicated that use of Re VII as a surrogate for 99Tc VII in low temperature secondary waste forms containing reductants will provide overestimated diffusivity values for 99Tc. Therefore, it is not appropriate to use Re as a surrogate 99Tc in future low temperature waste form studies. Therefore, any one of the three methods can be used to determine the contaminant diffusivities from a selected waste form.

    Dura Lith geopolymer waste form for Hanford secondary waste: Correlating setting behavior to hydration heat evolution. The fresh waste form pastes were subjected to isothermal calorimetry and setting time measurement, and the cured samples were further characterized by compressive strength and TCLP leach tests. This study has firstly established quantitative linear relationships between both initial and final setting times and hydration heat, which were never discovered in scientific literature for any cementitious waste form or geopolymeric material.

    The successful establishment of the correlations between setting times and hydration heat may make it possible to efficiently design and optimize cementitious waste forms and industrial wastes based geopolymers using limited testing results. Intrauterine growth and intelligence within sibling pairs: findings from the Mater -University study of pregnancy and its outcomes. To examine the association between intrauterine growth and intelligence. Population based birth cohort study of sibling pairs born within a maximum of three years of each other.

    Mater -University women and children's hospital, Brisbane, Australia. Among one randomly selected sibling from each pair verbal comprehension at age 5, general intelligence at age 14, and reading ability at age 14 increased linearly with increasing gestational age and sex standardised birth weight z scores.

    With adjustment for maternal age, race, and smoking during pregnancy, birth order, family income, and parental education the associations with verbal comprehension at age 5 and general intelligence at age 14 remained, whereas the association with reading ability at age 14 was attenuated to the null.

    Socioeconomic position or other fixed maternal characteristics do not seem to explain the positive association between intrauterine growth and childhood intelligence. The developmental origin of adolescent alcohol use: findings from the Mater University Study of Pregnancy and its outcomes. It is unclear whether fetal alcohol exposure contributes to alcohol use in adolescence. In this study, we examine the association between maternal alcohol use in pregnancy and adolescents' drinking patterns at age The association of maternal alcohol exposure with early drinking was examined in adolescents taking part to the Mater University Study of Pregnancy MUSP and its outcomes, a population based birth cohort study commenced in Brisbane Australia in Mothers and children were followed up at birth, 5 and 14 years after the initial interview.

    Maternal alcohol use was assessed before and during pregnancy and at the 5 years follow-up. Adolescents' alcohol use was assessed at child age Comparisons controlling for drinking before pregnancy and at age 5 found the averaged odds ratio of maternal drinking in pregnancy on risk of reporting alcohol consumption of 3 and more glasses at age 14 was 2. Our study suggests that they maybe a biological origin of early drinking.

    Further studies are needed to better disentangle the nature of the association and the role of other possible confounding factors. Uncover the mantle: rediscovering Gregório Lopes palette and technique with a study on the painting " Mater Misericordiae". Gregório Lopes c. The painting " Mater Misericordiae" made for the Sesimbra Holy House of Mercy, circa , is one of the most significant works of the artist, and his only painting on this theme, being also one of the most significant Portuguese paintings of sixteenth century.

    The recent restoration provided the possibility to study materially the painting for the first time, with a multianalytical methodology incorporating portable energy-dispersive X-ray fluorescence spectroscopy, scanning electron microscopy-energy-dispersive spectroscopy, micro-X-ray diffraction, micro-Raman spectroscopy and high-performance liquid chromatography coupled to diode array and mass spectrometry detectors.

    The analytical study was complemented by infrared reflectography, allowing the study of the underdrawing technique and also by dendrochronology to confirm the date of the wooden panels The results of this study were compared with previous ones on the painter's workshop, and significant differences and similitudes were found in the materials and techniques used. La baja de largo plazo en los precios de las drogas duras : una explicación.

    Full Text Available El propósito de esta investigación es avanzar en la compresión de los mercados ilegales de drogas duras y explicar la baja de largo plazo que se presentó en los precios de los estupefacientes durante las décadas anteriores.

    Specifically, this network demonstrates its efficiency in the control of endometritis following vaginal deliveries, but not in the control of urinary tract infections. The aim of this study is to determine whether the difference between the control of endometritis and of urinary tract infection could be explained by an unsuitable regression model or by an unsuitable care policy concerning urinary cares. This study includes 1 the analysis of historic data of the network and 2 the description of French guidelines for maternity cares and available evaluations, concerning endometritis and urinary tract infection prevention.

    Univariate and multivariate odds ratios ORs were calculated for the total study period of , for these infections and their risk factors. The endometritis frequency is decreasing, in association with no significant evolution of associated risk factors, but urinary tract infection frequency is constant, in association with a increasing trend of its risk factors such as intermittent catheterization and epidural analgesia.

    In French guidelines, all preventive measures against endometritis are clearly broadcasted by all field operators, and repeated audits have reinforced the control of their application. But preventive measures against urinary tract infection seem to be broadcasted exclusively in the circle of infection prevention agencies and not in the obstetrics societies or in the Health Ministry communication.

    Urinary tract infection prevention requires a clearer public and professional policy in favor of a more efficient urinary cares, with a specific target to maternity. Published by Elsevier Ltd. An year-old woman was admitted to the intensive care unit with a chronic subdural hematoma CSDH and rapid onset of worsening neurological symptoms.

    Postoperatively, a subdural evacuation port system SEPS was integrated into the craniotomy site and left in place rather than a traditional subdural catheter drain to evacuate the subdural space postoperatively.

    The patient had a good recovery and improvement of symptoms after evacuation and remained clinically well after the SEPS was removed. We offer the technique of dura and CSDH membrane excision plus SEPS drain as an effective postoperative alternative to the standard craniotomy leaving the native dura intact with traditional subdural drain that overlies the cortical surface of the brain in treating patients with CSDH.

    Os dados provieram de um inquérito conduzido pela Auditoria Regional do Instituto Nacional do Seguro Social e de registros administrativos.

    Visibility of lamina dura and periodontal space on periapical radiographs and its comparison with cone beam computed tomography. Full Text Available Objectives: To retrospectively evaluate the subjective quality of images of cone beam computed tomography and compare with periapical radiographs PR to determine whether lamina dura LD and periodontal ligament PDL space can be detected and reported. Study Design: Sixty scans for anterior and posterior teeth with PR were included and scored on four point subjective scale.

    Resultados y discusión: inicialmente, el concepto de tecnología estaba relacionado al de técnica; con el del tiempo, sufrió cambios y pasó a relacionarse con los aspectos subjetivos y objetivos del cuidador.

    La tecnología blanda- dura sobrepasa los conocimientos tecnológicos estructurados y presenta libertad que les permite a los profesionales diversas posibilidades de acción.

    El uso de tecnologías en el cuidado de la enfermería es capaz de promover la salud e intensificar el vín- culo entre profesional y cliente. Intravital imaging of a massive lymphocyte response in the cortical dura of mice after peripheral infection by trypanosomes.

    Full Text Available Peripheral infection by Trypanosoma brucei, the protozoan responsible for sleeping sickness, activates lymphocytes, and, at later stages, causes meningoencephalitis.

    By use of a two-photon microscope to image through the thinned skull, the integrity of the tissues was maintained. The likelihood that invasion will spread from the meninges to the parenchyma will depend strongly on whether the trypanosomes are below the arachnoid membrane, or above it, in the dura.

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